How to (sort of) make a hat

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So, tomorrow is going to be one of those winter days…you know, when the temperatures actually drop throughout the day. There’s also a 90% chance of snow. Needless to say, I need to be prepared to bundle up. Here’s the issue, I have a small head. I bought a super cute hat a few weeks ago, and ended up returning it because I couldn’t see to drive while wearing it….it kept slipping down over my eyes! This summer, when I made my nieces their adorable little dresses with matching hats (see here) I noticed that the hats I made for them (they’re 8 and 6) fit me. So, I dug up the pattern and made a go of it. Here’s the process:

How to sew a hat

This is the pattern I used. Yes, it’s totally a Lizzie Maguire pattern. :p

The great thing is, it’s only two pieces. Because I used a pattern, I can’t really claim this is a tutorial, but if you’re particularly crafty, you may be able to make your own pattern…

You cut out 6 of these triangular shaped pieces from your fabric and 6 more from your lining. I used super soft fleece for mine (after all, it is a winter hat). The first step is to sew three of the triangles together, then sew the other three triangles together….

…and then you sew the two sets of triangles together.

Rinse, lather, repeat….this time with the lining. Place wrong sides together, making sure to line up the seams. For some reason, my lining ended up much shorter than it should have. Regardless, you should baste stitch your lining to the hat….I did a slightly firmer stitch since mine ended up short….

It kind of looks like a beanie at this point….

The next step is to sew your brim. You should cut two of the circular piece on the fold. You then sew the open end together, then sew the two parts of the brim together. The pattern calls for interfacing, but since I was already using a pretty heavy fabric, I skipped that part.

Attach the brim to the hat and sew it in place. You want to line up the seam on the brim with the back seam of the hat so it looks nice when done.

Attach grosgrain ribbon around the inside of the rim. This finishes off the hat very nicely. Since my lining ended up so short, I decided to skip the top stitching after this step and instead whip stitch the grosgrain down to make sure that the raw edges of the lining were covered up.

The finished product. I think it’s very Downton Abby, don’t you?

Questions? Comments? Need more details? Hit me up!

A quick, healthy fruit salad idea coming your way tomorrow!


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    • Yup…I need to find a pretty brooch and also I’m going to make a nice band for it to give it a little more finish. I’ll post a new picture of it once it’s done.

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