Unique guest book and bouquet toss

This is my FAVORITE craft/project/idea from our wedding!!

Okay, so, guest books.  I didn’t really see the point of having a book where my guests write a little note and then I stick it in the bookshelf and look at it every 10 years…

Instead, I wanted something in keeping with our garden wedding theme.  That’s when the idea came to have our guests sign a terra cotta pot.

We used the same carbon transfer trick from the bride and groom signs to add our name and year established (yes, that’s right…2014, I’m a little behind posting this).  My awesome sister-in-law Elizabeth did the pot, as I was running out of time and had a million other details to tend to.  I think it turned out great!

We put it up on a high table so it would be easy for people to reach and put fine-point sharpies out with the pot.

Guest bookIn this post, all pictures from our wedding are from Auburn Heritage Photography.

Some of the messages:


From Luke’s sister Elizabeth and her husband Keith


Luke’s mom and dad


Our friends Mark and Rebecca went with the theme!

But wait….there’s more!

We also asked our guests to bring soil from their yard.  90% of our guests were from out of town, so that meant we got jars of dirt from near and far.

Pot at wedding Tree planting 9Tree planting 8Tree planting 7And the final surprise!

Luke’s favorite tree is the Japanese Maple.  It so happens that a former Auburn football couch name Pat Dye also loved Japanese Maples and in retirement has started a tree farm.  I went there and purchase this sweet little tree:

12575918_10108003660172671_641037522_nAs one of the last of my friends to get married, I know the awkwardness that accompanies the DJs request for all the (three) single ladies to come out to the floor for the bouquet toss.  Over the years I’ve seen some sweet ideas (one of my favorites was calling all the married ladies out to the floor and handing the bouquet to the one who had been married longest) to replace the bouquet toss.

In keeping with our garden theme, we decided to plant a tree instead of tossing the bouquet. That sweet Japanese Maple I purchased from Coach Pat Dye’s farm!

Tree planting 1We mixed that little bit of our new home Auburn with the soil from all our friends and family:  Tree planting 3It’s a little hokey, but it represented how our friends and family have given us the strength to grow our own roots.

Tree planting 4  Tree planting 5 Tree planting 6The best part?  The pot is now next to our front door, a daily reminder of the love and support we receive from our friends and family members.


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