Earrings from antique buttons

Alright, it’s a new year and I’ve set a “use it or lose it” goal for myself with this blog.  Either I start blogging more regularly, or I’m going to save the recipes I refer to often and delete the account.  The thing is, I’ve got lots of fun crafts and yummy recipes to share, so I’m really going to make an effort to start blogging again!

I’ve got several crafts that I did for my wedding (a year and a half ago!) that I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks.  First up:

Earrings from antique buttons

Several years ago I went to some antique shops with my sister in Charleston.  We found these beautiful buttons and I immediately had the thought of converting them into jewelry.


Fast forward a few years, and after our engagement, I knew I wanted to make two of them into earrings that would serve as my “something old.”

The first thing I did was cut off the post on the back of two of the buttons using snips.

IMG_0208These may or may not be pruning snips. 😉

Then I used my Dremel to remove the base of the post.

IMG_0209I needed it nice and smooth so that the earring post would adhere correctly.

IMG_0210Next, I used jewelry and metal glue to attach the earring post to the button.

IMG_0207I’m sure you could make some other adhesive work,
but it’s just easier to get the right kind of glue and do it right the first time.

Allow the glue to dry and you’re all set!

IMG_0211This whole project took at most 10 minutes.  Super quick, and I love the results!

IMG_0212Here’s some pictures from my wedding day:

Earring 2Earring 1Photo credit: Auburn Heritage Photography

The other two buttons I wore pinned in my hair as decoration.  It was a pretty accent that was more visible once I removed the veil for the reception.

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