Guanajuato, Mexico-Day 5 and 6

Day 5 in Mexico was Friday.  Luke woke up not feeling well, and I was plum tuckered out from all my walking.  We ended up sleeping in, and I think we both needed it.  I was done with my exploring of the city, so we headed to the conference for lunch.  We had a pleasant meal with some of Luke’s peers, then he headed in to a session while I laid in the grass with a book.  About an hour later, Luke found me and shared that he still wasn’t feeling well.  We headed back to the hotel for more sleep and resting.  Sometimes, you just have to do that when you’re traveling.

While in Guanajuato, we stayed at the Holiday Inn on the southern outskirts of town.  It was a good choice, as we enjoyed the conveniences of an American chain with an awesome Mexican breakfast buffet!  I got to pick the hotel, and I think I did a good job.  It was a quiet area away from the main city..and although we had to take a taxi daily, they were super cheap!



The view from our hotel window.  Yes, that’s a cow in a pen next to that house!

After some more sleep we walked to a restaurant near the hotel.  It was a local place, definitely not designed for tourists–just how we like it.  My dish was okay, but Luke got the house special and it was delicious!  After a good meal, we headed back to the hotel for some more rest!

Saturday morning, we got up and had some breakfast at the hotel (as usual).  Then, it was time to head to the airport.  We weren’t 100% sure how long it would take to get there, since our ride when we arrived had included a lengthy loop to drop off the guy we had shared the taxi with…so we left with plenty of time.  The airport is a couple of towns over, and the taxi cost 300 pesos, or about $30!

Once at the airport, we waltzed through security. We checked out some of the items in the duty free shop:

DSC01597 DSC01598
Lots of tequila and an itty bitty cowboy hat!

Luke had been craving tacos the whole time we’d been in Mexico.  They’re his favorite Mexican dish, and none of the restaurants we had eaten at had offered tacos!  The airport attendant informed us that there was only one restaurant in the whole airport, and it did not serve tacos.  We had to eat, so we figured we’d go there any way!  Apparently, the attendant didn’t know what he was talking about, because the restaurant absolutely did serve tacos! Luke was one happy man!

DSC01599 DSC01601
Pictured: one happy man!

We boarded our flight for Houston.  Once there, security lines were super long, and I was happy for a long layover.  The guys in front of us in line had bought a huge bottle of tequila in the duty free shop in Mexico, but had forgotten to put it in their checked bags.  You go through security again when you get to the States, so they were downing as much of the tequila as they could before going through security (and having their tequila dumped).  I don’t drink tequila, but Luke had a taste.  I felt bad for the guys (they probably spent $50-$100 for that bottle), but it was also really weird to see two guys getting sloshed before a flight.  I hope they didn’t hit any turbulence on their flight home…they don’t put barf bags in all the seat backs any more!

The flight from Houston to Denver was uneventful.  Once at the airport, we made our way back to my car.  Saw this little guy on the way:

DSC01602 DSC01603
Racoons only have rabies if they’re out during the day, right?
This little guy was pretty fearless!

A short drive home and right to bed!  It was a wonderful, exhausting, enlightening trip to Mexico.  Luke can’t wait to go back, and as long as we pick a different city (I think I got everything out of Guanajuato I’m likely to get), I’ll be happy to make a return trip to Mexico.

For  now, buenas noches!

P.S.  The Sunday after our trip, August 11th, Luke asked me to marry him. 😀  I’m so blessed to get to go on adventures with this wonderful man for the rest of my life!