A guest post: Halfsies Halloween Costume

When I started this blog a year and a half ago, it was just a place to deposit my ideas and show off some of the projects I enjoy doing.  What I did not expect was for several of my recipes and projects to be re-pinned regularly on Pinterest, 65 followers of the Facebook page, and several friends and family members being inspired to take on their own projects.
My cousin’s wife, Alyssa, has been one of my biggest followers.  She constantly asks me when I’m going to post more sewing tutorials (not often enough, I’m afraid!), and she even won our raffle from Improvised Creativity!  She’s new to sewing, but you’d never know it by this awesome project she shared with me after Halloween!

Halfsies Halloween Costume

The idea for the costume came from Sew Blessed.  Here’s her original idea:

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 2.11.58 PMThe little girl is wearing a half-and-half costume of Alice and the Queen of Hearts

Alyssa took this idea and ran with it!  For her own little girl, she made a halfsies costume featuring Dorothy and the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz!  I asked Alyssa to give us directions on how she did this, but she just had a baby, so it may be a while before she can get it to me.  I wanted to share this though…so I’ll update the post when I hear from her.

 Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 2.14.19 PM
Half blue gingham, half pink fabulousness!

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 2.14.30 PMComplete with Toto and the Ruby Slippers!

I think it turned out fabulous!  Such a fun idea!  There’s so many possibilities, both for kids and for adults!  Now I’m looking forward to next Halloween!