Improvised Creativity

Hey all!  Remember my friend Susan of Improvised Creativity?  She of the awesome wine caddy giveaway (Did you order yours?  I did and got to use it for the first time the other night.  It’s awesome!!)?

She’s one of my oldest friends, super talented, and a great inspiration!  She’s also got a HUGE heart, which is why she’s offering the following promotion on her etsy site:

“How would you like to donate an item to my local PICU/NICU through no extra effort or funds of your own? Now through November 15th, 2013, for any order placed, I will make and donate a crocheted hat to the hospital. Buy a hat, donate a hat. Buy a blanket, donate a hat. Buy boot cuffs – donate a hat. You can also purchase a donation hat that will be delivered to the hospital on your behalf. See the link below.

Everybody wins – you still get beautiful items, and children that are stuck in the hospital get beautiful items. To be eligible, just complete the checkout process before Midnight on November 15th. I will do the rest.Be sure to share with your friends. The more people that participate, the more we can give!”
So, I’m sharing with all of you!!
NICU HatsAren’t these just the cutest?!  Think of the itty bitty babies wearing these on their tiny heads to help keep them warm! 😀
I’ve already donated a hat…but now that the cold has really set in, I’m think those boot cuffs might come in handy…or maybe I’ll custom order some leg warmers!  I bet she could make that!!
Donate to a good cause ya’ll!!